Sunday, November 08, 2009

Opening Bid

This morning, hayfever-riddled Mr P and Tam trundled to Auction Rooms for some breakfast. It was hot. Too hot. In fact, it's too hot to talk in full sentences.
High ceiling fans. Big windows. A generally bright, large, open, airy space full of trendy wankers and people- perfectly appropriate on a 34.2 Celsius deg day.

Demerara sugar served in uber-vintage 'Condensed Pea and Ham Soup' can. Simultaneously gross and delightful to me.

2 x Opening Bids (nicely poached eggs with average bacon, normal tomato, ordinary spinach and shrooms on average sourdough toast; $16.50)

4 x cafe lattes (it was good and we needed it)

Auction Rooms. 103-107 Errol St North Melbourne 3051 VIC; Phone: (03) 9326 7749

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