Sunday, November 22, 2009

Way We Wear Fair- Melbourne Spring 2009 Vintage Fair

Williamstown Town Hall was heaving and sighing with history, glorious treasures, tidbits and trinkets this weekend. What fun it was to trawl through the racks and tables! After a big brunch and coffee in Yarraville, my sister and I spent four solid hours at the fair buying, haggling and playing dress ups! Pure bliss.

Wearing thrifted shoulder pad sheer blouse, Pleasure State bra, vintage cut off shorts, vintage alligator belt, Witchery slate grey/blue suede sandals, thrifted quilted leather handbag.

PS How cute is the current Hermes display window? I love the retro neon lights. The only thing I'm loving more right now is the torrential rain outside. A) The dams desperately need it; B) our cars needed a good wash after the dust on Friday! and C) it gives us reason to whip out our suede thigh high boots we didn't get to wear enough last winter! When did it last rain like this in Melbourne??


JadeRose said...

umm WOW, i wish i had known about this. All these items look amazing. Love the photos :))

MannequinMe said...

The fair happens at different times in different cities throughout the country however I think it's held twice a yr in Melb! See you June 2010? ;)

Cristina Lopez Pancorbo said...

Love that white tulle dress accessorized with the sequined jacket...I hope you bought it!

Cris at

MannequinMe said...

Haha it's very Grace Kelly isn't it? Sadly I did not.....I didn't have $215 in cash on me by that stage. It would have been snapped up by the time I replenished my wallet- it was rather frantic!