Sunday, February 07, 2010

Short 'n' sweet

My posts are perhaps a bit infrequent lately- but for good reason I promise. I'm in the process of selecting and purchasing a new car! I did consider a second hand Mini Cooper but the more sensible side of me wants safety, affordability, fuel efficiency, and practicality. I'm thinking a bright yellow Suzuki Swift Sport at this stage- how fun! What do you drive?

Recently I visited one of those VIP warehouse sales in Collingwood for the first time, and perhaps the last time. It makes me ill thinking about all the resources wasted on millions of poor quality garments that are never bought or worn!

I did, however, pick up this well-made, silk top by Fate for only $25. I'm mad for anything cropped at the moment. And these shorts. These ancient shorts that used to belong to my mother. I've been found wearing these shorts every summer since I was 12. Bring back the 90s!

Wearing Fate silk crop top, high-waisted cut-off shorts, thrifted alligator belt, Country Road leather T-bar wedges, Testorossa Safety Shield sunglasses, Mouche ring, Sussan bracelet.


Marjorie said...

AMAZING shoes!!
Love those shorts too :)
So glad you like my blog! Right back at you miss xx

nuheila said...

Love your shorts!Pictures are amazing,i miss summer so much.My friend has Suzuki Swift and is very nice car to drive:)Have a fab sunday!


Pia said...

love those shorts! i now want to rummage my mom's closet. too bad my mom is TINY!

you look fab. and good luck on your new car :)

Everyone loves fashion said...

lovely denim shorts! :) I miss the summer so bad ;/

Flit About said...

That's the coolest look! You go girl!

I'm getting around on my push bike or public transport, so I know nothing about cars... Good luck hunting the perfect one down though!!

juicy j said...

i freekin love this outfit.
youre too damn cute!