Friday, April 30, 2010

Jewel-encrusted armour.

Need to show you my serious sugar-frosted knuckles! They look like extravagant crustaceans or pieces of armour. Which?? I don't know!! But aren't they pretty??

Good night!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garance and greet her at Westfield Doncaster tomorrow at around 1.30PM!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The European

Last night I took my family to The European for some late afternoon tea.

Sure, the evening dinner menu can be unecessarily fancy, and the breakfast appalling to mediocre, but you can almost always trust the croque monsieur and the coffee to be splendid. I think Siglo/Melbourne Supper Club/The European are all owned by the same people as the sandwich is always perfect whether you're sitting on a leather couch, up on the roof or down in the cosy cafe.

Wearing Sass long sleeved top (adjusted to be cropped), high-waisted Zara pants, Witchery scalloped flats, NastyGal leather jacket, vintage fur collar, Prada handbag. Close-ups after the jump.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Light and Love

This Palas necklace, my Herringbone cashmere jumper and I have been inseparable lately! They were purchased from Bauhaus on Rundle St in Adelaide, and a pop-up sale store on Bridge Rd, respectively.

I've been told the engraved French phrase on my necklace could be grammatically incorrect. Can you help? Lee, can you help?

Regardless, it's a beautiful reminder to always strive to be a positive influence on everything around you. You'll find me still wearing it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Went looking to buy this luxurious coat last night:

And they have sold out in size 6 across the state. Tear!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Café Vue at 401

Go to Café Vue, 401 St Kilda Rd (near the corner of Toorak Road), for some tea/coffee and macarons:

Passionfruit (yellow) is a popular favourite. Here we have blueberry, coffee, and pistachio too. Other flavours include violet and raspberry. 6 heavenly morsels for $12. Crispy, yielding, airy, sweet, delightful.

It's a brilliant day for macarons. What are you waiting for?

401 St Kilda Road (near the corner of Toorak Road)
03 9866 8055
Monday to Friday 7am – 11pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am – 11pm

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seen in Milano


I completely adore everything about her: the large tribal necklaces, the layering of wool knits cinched in with a tan belt, the thigh-high socks made to look like thigh high boots and.... the hat. The hat wins. A copy, paste and credit job but I had to share.

Been looking for a real fedora or Akubra in olive or dark brown for the winter ahead... Don't you love the thrill of the search and the overwhelming joy when you get your paws on the prized item?

It's autumn here now, but tomorrow is a balmy 28 degrees celsius! Hooray for a last chance appearance for a summer dress! Which will it be??

Monday, April 19, 2010


Flying interstates for work and back home for a wedding over the weekend meant it was a busy one. On reflection...

No matter how luxurious the hotel you're staying at is, it can not compare with home...

I don't think I could ever afford a walk-in-wardrobe a la Bradshaw in SATC but what I would like is plenty of room and lights fitted into my wardrobe in the future. That's reasonable, don't you think?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We love Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder!

I am a huge fan of Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion, a terrific alphabetical guide to ingredients and cooking for clueless people like me. Each ingredient has information about its various types; how to store, select, prepare it; recipes and quick cooking ideas. It's interesting to read (I get bored very easily particularly when there are not many pictures), easy to understand, but not too simplistic. What's especially appealing about the books is Stephanie's passion for fine Australian produce.

Although she no longer owns Richmond Hill, the new owners (previously long-time staff members of hers) have endeavoured to maintain that philosophy. Richmond Hill invokes that warm, glowing feeling inside that I think good food should always invoke. Simple, earthy, warm, inviting, and quality.

48-50 Bridge Road,
Phone: 03 9421 2808

Monday, April 12, 2010

MALAYSIA.... truly Asia.


There's really only two things that you need to do with your time in Kuala Lumpur: shop and eat. (Essentially the only two activities we ever think about, right?)
- Petaling St or Chinatown is said to be too crowded with tourists and have little variation from stall to stall... but can you really complain when all they are heavily stocked with is 'luxury goods'? Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Prada, Fendi, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Mont Blanc... often neatly wrapped in tissue paper, accompanied by a warranty card, in a box and shopping bag with appropriate logos. You name it, they'll sell it! Ray Ban wayfarers anyone? Strings of Swarovski crystal? Scattered amongst the stalls are delicious hawker food stalls too so you won't go hungry or thirsty while bargaining and purchasing!

- The shopping malls are generally all similar, having the same chain stores in each complex. My favourite were Sungei Wang Plaza and Pavilion. These two are very different, however: (1)The former is much older, darker and brimming with cheap, alternative, urban, young fashion, accessories, DVDs, electrical goods, everything. It's where the cool kids go. (2)Pavilion is my haven in KL. It's clean, beautiful, new and shiny. It can be quiet and peaceful in some areas but just as chaotic as the streets of KL in others! Get your fix of Zara, Topshop, Bebe, and Charles & Keith there!
- I had heard Pavilion's food court for dinner is a good idea before arriving in Malaysia, so we went to scope it out on the first night. Lo, behold! Our eyes clapped with the most magnificent, stupendous, wonderful-est food court we'd ever seen! You must try char keuh teow (pictured above), nasi lemak, mi goreng, Portuguese egg tarts, and green tea egg tarts... all fresh and warm straight from the frying pan or oven! (It is approximately AUD$3 a meal and the portions are not large as they are here. It is very easy to get carried away trying lots of different Malaysian dishes and, boy, do they like to pack in flavour!)
- Nearby, KL's biggest collection of roadside restaurants sprawl all along Jalan Alor. The biggest restaurant there makes this amazing Thai mango chicken dish that is out of this world. Also worth trying deep-fried Barramundi, mango kacang (mango + sago + syrup + coconut milk + shaved ice), and Asian green vegies of your choice (to meet some dietary fibre requirements and maintain good bowel movements too)!

It is a good idea to avoid going too close to Chinese New Year as many places are closed (it is the most highly anticipated, widely-celebrated public holiday on the calendar and festivities can go on for weeks). We arrived about 2-3 weeks after Chinese New Year and these decorations were still up! There were still impressive lion dances to be seen.... they danced atop metal posts about 2-3 metres high!


Melacca is a beautiful old town filled with heritage and rich in culture, a ~2h bus ride from KL. This is Christ Church with the tourist market in front and on the left is St Francis Xavier's Church. Both date back to the 16th century. I loved the rows and rows of narrow, historical, quaint townhouses most. There's a night market on weekends, lots of arts/crafts/handmade jewellery stores during the day, and Chicken Rice Balls (popular with the Chinese tourists) is a must try!


- Really only worth visiting for the Tropical Spice Garden. A stunning large garden or a miniature jungle? I don't know! Either way, there is lots to learn and lots of exotic things see. I highly recommend the visit, with a guided tour and cooking class (all before 2pm)!
- Spend another 24 hours in Penang to explore old colonial buildings, hotels, shops, streets... and the movie set of Anna and the King (1999)! There is naan to be had, coconut pastries to be eaten and manicures to be done!


- Words and photos do it no justice. Need I say more? You must see for yourself!
- It is a resort island and although language barriers were a slight issue at our resort, I would highly recommend Berjaya's junior water chalets. A house on stilts! Over glittering waters! Why not??
- Dinner at a restaurant over water while being serenaded, and viewing a completely unadulterated sunset...why not?

- Buffet breakfast, swim-up bar in the swanky pool, water sports, private beaches.
- The resort was so large we needed a shuttle to get around! Free and almost instantly outside your chalet when you lift the phone of the receiver...
- We had a spa treatment as part of our special accomodation package: Mr PDiddy highly recommends the relaxing massage, while Tam would highly recommend the manicure/pedicure and the cocoa/coffee bean body scrub! Smells delicious and feels heavenly!

- A 2h bumpy speedboat ride (it felt very James Bond) from Langkawi to Koh Lipeh (Thailand) is a must try if you would like to snorkel and soak up some serious sun.


- Can you smell the sun, sand and sea already?

- The Swedish tourists were all over it!