Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stormy Weather

I bought this jewelled bib from Sportygirl for just $15.99, reduced from $59.99. They had plenty in excellent condition when I left the Melbourne Central store last Friday.

The night was very humid and people spilled out onto the streets- every corner was crowded, every place felt stifling. My friend and I were turned away from five different restaurants because they were too packed and the wait was about an hour and half at all of them! We finally plodded over to Mess Hall on Bourke St where we found a lovely spot next to their large open windows. There were police squads and undercover police walking up and down Bourke St- it was fascinating to watch (especially since my friend is obsessed with the Australian TV show, Rush).

I wore this to a 40th birthday last night (a Decjuba wool top, David Lawrence trousers, vintage alligator skin belt, and Urban Original shoes). I copped my share of name-calling: 'Harry High Pants', 'groovy' and 'Flat Asian Bum'. Some friends tried to see if they could hide things up the trouser legs and check if I had shaved my legs. Hahaha. My outfit felt most complete when I picked sugar flowers off the chocolate birthday cake and stuck them all over my face... finishing the look with forks up my nostrils of course.

51 Bourke St Melbourne
VIC 3000
p: 9654 6800

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Colour Pop!

I found these wedges at a Shoobiz stock clearance for $25.oo when they were moving from Chadstone some time last year. They are the comfiest heels I own and literally go with everything I throw on. (I especially love that the colour matches the tan splotches on the $10.oo Supre dress).

PS Don't you love summer rainstorms?

Wearing Supre dress, Pinet wedges from Shoobiz, Sussan's bracelets, Balcony necklace, Oroton pearl earrings. Beige paisley print umbrella by Boston.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The skies over St Kilda last Friday went from this:

to this within an hour:

No fiddlin' with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro here, no suh.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kate Lanphear (StockholmStreetStyle)

EDIT: Do yourself a favour and check out UO's shoe sale page. So many beauties begging for a home.

Way We Wear Fair- Melbourne Spring 2009 Vintage Fair

Williamstown Town Hall was heaving and sighing with history, glorious treasures, tidbits and trinkets this weekend. What fun it was to trawl through the racks and tables! After a big brunch and coffee in Yarraville, my sister and I spent four solid hours at the fair buying, haggling and playing dress ups! Pure bliss.

Wearing thrifted shoulder pad sheer blouse, Pleasure State bra, vintage cut off shorts, vintage alligator belt, Witchery slate grey/blue suede sandals, thrifted quilted leather handbag.

PS How cute is the current Hermes display window? I love the retro neon lights. The only thing I'm loving more right now is the torrential rain outside. A) The dams desperately need it; B) our cars needed a good wash after the dust on Friday! and C) it gives us reason to whip out our suede thigh high boots we didn't get to wear enough last winter! When did it last rain like this in Melbourne??

Thursday, November 19, 2009



Are you a complete sucker for sparkles and shiny things? I AM. What a wonderful necklace!

'Twas a warm and sultry night last night. I caught up with a friend for some dinner (Lygon St's Seasalt calamari 'n' chops and NZ Natural's Lime Vanilla cones..classy and nhumm!) and drinks. We parked next to Emerald Peacock, climbed the lofty stairs onto the roof.... and it was completely packed (on a Wednesday night)! I love Melbourne.

233 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9654 8680

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Siglo, Sunday night.

I always forget that the rooftop area above Melbourne Supper Club has a different name: Siglo. They use the same kitchen though! Best. Croque. Monsieur. Around. Their lemon tart is simply superb too!

Lvl2/ 161 Spring St
Melbourne VIC 3000
03) 9654 6631

Charles and Keith shoes

(The pictures are a little grainy; I did my best to cover it up!)
I bought these suede and patent wedges while we were holidaying in Singapore at the start of this year. Charles and Keith had a massive sale on and these were ridiculously cheap- something like AU$40 a pair! And I claimed back GST at the airport! I purchased about 8 pairs of shoes for about AU$200 that day. I'd love to go back to SG better prepared for a major shopping expedition!

Wearing Sass cardigan, Cotton On singlet, Target leggings, vintage silk scarf, sunglasses from random Smith St store, Charles and Keith Shoes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raymond Chandler

Amongst the many many things P Diddums has introduced to me, Raymond Chandler is one of my favourites. His stories are set against a 1930s Southern Californian backdrop, and are drenched with suspense and violence. Think film noir, ladies and booze...

"His hand jerked and some ash fell on his white suit cuff. That annoyed him. He frowned down at it, then he said softly in a manner of a sultan suggesting a silk noose for a harem lady whose tricks have gone stale:..." (from a short story, Mandarin's Jade.)

I've yet to watch the end of 'Big Sleep' (with Humphrey Bogart)..... every time I watch it I'm terribly tired and fall asleep before it's over!

James Rowland Vintage Shoes

Must. Try. To. Save. Money.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"It's an Ephelant."

"There used to be a zoo near our office block. Whenever I see elephants these days I always think of this wee boy who turned to his mother, nodded gravely and said, 'Momma, that's an ephelant.'" For as long as I can remember, our favourite neighbour has always had a happy calmness about her, a cracker sense of humour, smiling eyes and a voice like cooing doves. We all love a good chinwag and needless to say, sister and I hardly ever make it past our gate on our rare evening strolls.

When we were holidaying in Kyneton (about half an hour's drive from Daylesford), the boy bought me this necklace from a jewellery store called 'Balcony' on Piper St (even though it was his birthday). Innit adorable??

Meanwhile, I know the YSL Tributue sandals are old, but these beauties were too cheap to pass up! USD$13.99 from Urban Original Dot Com- who can tell? They make me even happier when they're on my feet! Snapped up a pair in Lilac too for the sister. My podiatrist will not be very pleased. 'Spend as much time as you can in Asics,' she says. Easier said!

Wearing vintage crochet jumper, Cotton On singlet, vintage denim cut-off shorts, vintage alligator belt, vintage sunglasses, Balcony necklace, Sussan bracelet, Urban Original shoes.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Opening Bid

This morning, hayfever-riddled Mr P and Tam trundled to Auction Rooms for some breakfast. It was hot. Too hot. In fact, it's too hot to talk in full sentences.
High ceiling fans. Big windows. A generally bright, large, open, airy space full of trendy wankers and people- perfectly appropriate on a 34.2 Celsius deg day.

Demerara sugar served in uber-vintage 'Condensed Pea and Ham Soup' can. Simultaneously gross and delightful to me.

2 x Opening Bids (nicely poached eggs with average bacon, normal tomato, ordinary spinach and shrooms on average sourdough toast; $16.50)

4 x cafe lattes (it was good and we needed it)

Auction Rooms. 103-107 Errol St North Melbourne 3051 VIC; Phone: (03) 9326 7749