Monday, May 24, 2010

Where magic sleeps.

Where is your favourite magical location in Victoria?

Feels a bit like 'Postcards' at the moment. Haha!

Prepare to be seriously charmed.

10 minutes north of Daylesford
PH: 5476 4393


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! So glad you posted, I've been checking your page daily...

The girls & I were thinking of going to Daylesford in the holidays, so I think this place looks like a nice place to visit!

MannequinMe said...

Awww Leee!!! I have to say I appreciate your frequent posts. You're cute... I feel like I've just chatted to you after reading your posts!

I think the girls will absolutely love Daylesford. The Manse is pretty affordable accomm, absolutely beautiful decor, good location... I think all the rooms have a bathtub next to the tellie box and a queen sized bed... Haha! Made for couples in mind it seems... but if you girls don't mind a bit of nudity or sharing beds... it would be so much fun! There's lots of 2nd hand things to buy, handmade things, sometimes markets.... there's a corner pizza place which makes amazing pizza, and there's the swanky Lake House down the road.... and Lavandula... which i think is worth the drive down on its own... any day.

Zara_K said...

Just one word... idyllic.