Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gigi Baba

Last night we trundled over to Smith St to Gigi Baba for some Turkish, evening grub at ~8.30pm and were told the wait was about 45 minutes! A little on the pricey side, it was still worth it. (The person who recommended it to me said when it first opened last year, word had gotten around and people were apparently on waiting lists to get in!)

It was stifling in there last night and it was buzzing- I loved the walls of carpet, the jungle of dim light bulbs, and the wall littered with ornate porcelain plates.

I feel uneasy when there is a huge menu where ever I go because:
A) it's overwhelming
B) the likelihood of picking something really well done is generally slim

Suffice to say I was very pleased upon discovering the menu had only a handful of dips, meats, salads and desserts.

HIGHLIGHTS: The Baba Ganoush dip, their bread and BBQ lamb sausages simply blew our shoes off.
ALSO WORTH TRYING: Capsicum and tomato dip, prawns, BBQ beef ribs.

A must try.

102 Smith St
Collingwood VIC 3065
(03) 9486 0345


ponyhunter said...

oh yun, that looks like the most amazing place. adorable lighting.

i'm doing community maintenance in nepal so building roads, walls and water systems. just general village upkeep,

liana said...


MyStrawberryCocktail said...

yummy :)
nice blog!

Taylor Sterling said...

looks great! yummy!!

zeus said...

Looks great, love the lighting in too!

Theresa said...

the food looks so delicious and i love the interior!!!

Flit About said...

I love these posts of yours!! Having lived here for not a long time, Melb-tips are very welcome.. This place looks so cool!

Walk The Sand said...

Beautiful lighting.

+++ Lilee said...

lovely food! mm!

Alexxander said...

nice style, amazing blog.


Alexxander said...

nice style, amazing blog.



WOW the food looks so appetizing! I'm so drawn to the continuous draping of the lamps -- so unique :)


Chicisimo said...

I´m mot going... but everything look yummy!! It´s great when discover a new good place!!
Was nice to discover your blog!!