Thursday, January 21, 2010

Watch this space.

I'm in the (very difficult) process of putting together some of my most favourite (sob) vintage pieces up on etsy to share (sniff). I hope you love them as much as I do.

I've noticed I haven't been posting much vintage clothing at all- I am, in fact, an avid, compulsive vintage clothing and accessories' collector and hoarder. If only there was more room in all my wardrobes!

Here's a quick peep:

I am listening to Koop Islands as I write this- a delightful, electronic jazz album by a Stockholm-based duo called Koop who take their inspiration from Caribbean beats. I heard the first track, Koop Island Blues, off a video game P Diddy was playing called The Sabouter. Don't be so quick to dismiss video games, the industry's value is apparently surpassing that of the the film industry.

Good night everyone!


Clara said...

amazing post.
i love all the looks.



Anonymous said...

how cute is the photo with the bow ? love your photos :)

Flit About said...

That blazer ain't too shabby! Also a fan of the bow.

Luna Supernova said...

ooh i love the colour of that blouse at the top!

Little Miss Dress Up said...

that blazer looks awesome!

The Princess of many sorts:) said...

Amazing pants:)

Really 60´s feel:)