Thursday, April 22, 2010

Café Vue at 401

Go to Café Vue, 401 St Kilda Rd (near the corner of Toorak Road), for some tea/coffee and macarons:

Passionfruit (yellow) is a popular favourite. Here we have blueberry, coffee, and pistachio too. Other flavours include violet and raspberry. 6 heavenly morsels for $12. Crispy, yielding, airy, sweet, delightful.

It's a brilliant day for macarons. What are you waiting for?

401 St Kilda Road (near the corner of Toorak Road)
03 9866 8055
Monday to Friday 7am – 11pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am – 11pm


Flit About said...

Macarons are just beautiful. They're almost so pretty you feel guilty eating them - not because of the sugar, but because of the looks!

June Paski said...

I really want eat them, I never eat them, so sad :(


Walk The Sand said...

These look amazing... I'm going to attempt making these some day...

MannequinMe said...

Flit About: I know what you mean! However if you're sharing them with others, you have to snap them up quick or you'll miss out! They're so friggin' goooood!

Walk The Sand: Good luck! They're not one of the hardest recipes to master... right??