Thursday, April 01, 2010

"The freaks are outside..."

I know I've been terribly MIA but things will pick up I promise.

1. Exciting bits: Lady Gaga's concert was mind-blowing.
2. Sad bits: They played Michael Jackson before the show, and no one knew the words...
3. Amusing bits: Grazia loved my Urban Outfitters boots so much, I made it into Grazia's Bounty Hunter! Caption "No pants, well done!" (I was wearing a bathing suit under a mini skirt.)
4. Recommended bits: Malaysia, namely Kuala Lumpur/Langkawi/Koh Lipeh/Melakka, was cheap, fun, relaxing, beautiful, breathtaking, tiring, exciting, thrilling, old and new all at once.
5. Ideas for Easter Saturday: indulge in some Haigh's Easter eggs, order a latte and an Avacado Hommus on Toast served with Honeyed Bacon and Dukkah at Duke's Coffee Roasters on Chapel St, drop into Papucci a few doors down for sales of up 75% off Nude/Siren/RMK shoes.


WendyB said...

I saw her in January and had the BEST TIME! She puts on a great show.

Fragalist said...

wow that so cool u and ur friends look cute

Leanne said...

Wow you're famous!

So glad you posted. I've been craving my fix of TN. Those Easter ideas sound fabulous.

Love you!

teresa said...

oh my gosh, that concert looks absolutely mindblowing .