Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The European

Last night I took my family to The European for some late afternoon tea.

Sure, the evening dinner menu can be unecessarily fancy, and the breakfast appalling to mediocre, but you can almost always trust the croque monsieur and the coffee to be splendid. I think Siglo/Melbourne Supper Club/The European are all owned by the same people as the sandwich is always perfect whether you're sitting on a leather couch, up on the roof or down in the cosy cafe.

Wearing Sass long sleeved top (adjusted to be cropped), high-waisted Zara pants, Witchery scalloped flats, NastyGal leather jacket, vintage fur collar, Prada handbag. Close-ups after the jump.

I think my roasted vegies are ready! It's been terribly cold! Hope you're all tucking into some good food tonight.

161 Spring Street
Melbourne VIC
+61 3 9654 0811


Flit About said...

You look adorable! I love love love the fur and leather jacket combo - I thought they were one until I read your wearing "list"! So well styled!

ELLE said...

Yum yum, that hunk of bread just makes me want to eat bread with oil and balsamic vinegar and wash it down with a glass of red wine!

Princess of many sorts said...

Sorry, i am a sucker for coffee..great coffee:)

Have a smashing day - SP

www.majormusthaves.com said...

You look sooo nice...

Rosanna said...

i love your jacket


Anonymous said...

love the photos
looks beautiful
love your blog, great inspiration!
thanks for sharing, love it