Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mas Que Nada

The blazer: been wearing this Balmain-inspired number constantly over the past year- it's so sharp, smart, and figure-flattering. I got it for ~$75AUD (I've heard from friends it's a littler dearer now), including shipping, from Queen's Wardrobe (South Korea) and it arrived in 3 days!

The hat: purchased from one of the most beautiful places in Victoria- Lavendula, a Swiss-Italian farm about a 7-minutes-drive north of Daylesford. The rustic food from La Trattoria, Lavendula's cafe, is amazing and uses a lot of fresh, local produce. The tables and seats are set higgledy-piggledy amongst lots of closely planted, tall, skinny ash trees overlooking gentle grassy slopes and lavender gardens. You can enjoy your food and wine under dappled shade while little sparrows and finches twitter above and flit about at your feet. Hopelessly romantic. I was somewhat miffed that I had forgotten my camera at the hotel, but reassured myself that I'd return soon!

Wearing Queen's Wardrobe blazer, Country Road shirt, American Apparel tricot nylon leggings, Wittner heels, Napoleon Aphrodite Divine Goddess lipstick (so moisturising, vibrant and lasting!).

My definition of a perfect Friday night:
- Finishing work on time.
- Coming home for a quick nap.
- Dinner at a not-too-crowded Grossi Florentino Cellar Bar, getting a window seat, ordering the Bucatini all'Amatriciana with a side of patatine.
- Dessert: Cellar Bar's Raspberry cheesecake.

It was a perfect Friday night last night (except I was too full for dessert...but fell asleep in PDiddy's arms so that made up for it). This blog was supposed to be a food one- but I'm not very good at it. I'm always close to finishing my meal when I realise there's no photo of the food when it was on the plate. Oops.

So here is a photo of the romantic facade.

Hope y'all having a terrific weekend!


Anonymous said...

nice outfit ;) love the heels!!!!

Elizabeth said...

i love your outfit! ecspecially the hat and heels!

Blair Waldorf said...

AH-dore the outfit:) everything so gorgeous together! nice,nice; yum! love raspberry cheesecake=^.^= xoxo

Clara said...

wow! amazing look.
i love your hat!

Keith said...

Fantastic photos. You look great. I just wanted to say hello this Sunday afternoon. I hope you've had a great weekend. Take care. Enjoy the week ahead. Cheers!

She's Dressing Up said...

That sounds like a great friday! Loving the hat! =]

Dejana • said...

great jacket!

Style Seduction said...

Nawww that is adorable, love the outfit and glad you had a lovely Friday night!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! I just wanted to say you look beautiful and très chic in all these photos. I check your blog every day but don't comment because I don't have anything worthy to post.

PS: "P Diddy" is about the furthest thing you could get from the real P Diddy, haha. Gangsta he is not. Cute that you call him that though.

ELLE said...

How classy.. those heels are pure sexy!

Melanie M said...

You look amazing! I love this outfit! So chic, so classic, so wonderful. :D

freyja said...

just came across your blog from the site walking in the street :)
just wanted to say that I love it and this outfit is great, the hat is beautiful with the outfit

JadeRose said...

the red lips and the hat...i love love love :))