Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sakura Kaiten Sushi

This time of year is made for people who love eating and talking. So let's! talk! about food!

Just before I went away, P Diddy and I trundled over to Sakura to satisfy an after-work-Japanese-nibble-craving. Though perhaps not as fun, cheap and tasty as Izakaya Chuji (we'll talk about that gem another day) the sweet, little restaurant tucked away on the side of an office block on Little Collins Street sought to please... and please it did, if you don't mind some mediocrity. Most plates averaged $5.

And o hey! I managed to catch some of my food before it disappeared into my digestive tract this time. Above, some crumbed prawn sushi, red bean cakes (perhaps too sweet), mixed green salad accompanied by a mysterious, sweet and tangy dressing. On the train: salmon and mayo nigiri (which was actually pretty tasty), crumbed chicken wings (seriously), sashimi (salmon/tuna/etc),...

Where is your favourite Japanese joint?

Shop 1 Ground Floor
61 Little Collins STreet
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9663 0898

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