Monday, December 21, 2009

Freya Stark meets The Sheltering Sky: Kenzo SS10

The backdrop for his latest collection for Kenzo was a huge golden disc—the sun hanging heavy over the Sahara. At the finale, it literally exploded in a shower of gold filaments that rained down on the catwalk while models walked in juicily shaded chiffons—aqua, peach, hot pink—with heads wrapped like nomad princesses. It was a spectacular conclusion to a show that took as its starting point the Middle Eastern excursions of the early twentieth-century English adventuress Freya Stark, then stirred in a little of Bertolucci's film 'The Sheltering Sky'. So there was a Europe-meets-ethnic vibe to the clothes, which was so perfectly in tune with the ethos of the house that it underlined how appropriate a choice Marras was for this job. Tim Blanks for

The storyline for Kenzo's SS '10 collection is superb in that it allows for a vast array of designs, prints, colours, fabrics, textures and materials to be used- no mean feat, yet Antonio Marras executed it finely while still encapsulating the distinctive Kenzo style so wonderfully!

And it ends when Freya comes across African women in all their glorious, colourful, traditional clothes.

I am crazy about the jumpsuits, the metallic ombre jacket, the unusually faded denim, the turbans, the cropped gold pants (is it velvet or isn't it?) and (even though I can't really explain why) the sequin camo print.

So, NOTA BENE: add more tribal, ethnic things to wardrobe...

(Has anyone had Lebanese coffee? My head felt like it was flying far above my shoulders and my extremeties were tingling! Replied to comments in the last post.)


Tzoules said...

LOVE LOVE UR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Keith said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I greatly appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed my Elvis Christmas post. I wanted to let you know that I'm having trouble with my internet access right now. I may not be online as much, but I did want to visit your blog. I hope you will have a great week. Cheers!

Dea said...

prittypritty spring! I want spring! that I could wear those clothes <3

Clara said...

wow! my gosh!
amazing pics!!
i love the glasses.

Nerdic.. said...

That white jumpsuit is like a dream!
And yes you are right, my shoes aren't snow proof so I have to keep them in the closet for now :(
X, fashionnerdic.

Gladys Lopez said...

the first photo looks so unreal! that is an amazing way to end a show.